G1 Gym & Sport

G1 Gym & Sport — the territory of good health and sports

M1 — is a hotel with a gym. If sports fits tightly into your lifestyle and daily schedule, we invite you to visit G1 Gym & Sport. Spacious and comfortable gym equipped with modern facilities for power and cardio workouts.

Come to G1 at any time to work out and recharge.

Special programs — TRX and Alfa Gravity

In addition, the gym has TRX, yoga and Alfa Gravity equipment, that will help keep your body in good shape, relax the muscles, remove tension and blocks, which can accumulate over the years and cause fatigue. Training in the hotel gym will be an excellent complement to the beach holiday — you will return home refreshed and fully rested!

The dual health benefits of yoga outdoors

M1 Club Hotel is just a few meters from the sea, so the air here is clean and healthy. It would be a real crime to miss this opportunity, so we organize outdoor yoga classes in summer. This is a great chance to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and give your body a light exercise combined with relaxation.

We also have a private sauna, two swimming pools and the possibility of renting recreational vehicles (bicycle, Segway, scooter, etc.).