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Whitepay is a Ukrainian cryptocurrency platform with over 2 million users that has an excellent reputation for its security protocols and anti-hacking methods.

Our hotel is the FIRST IN UKRAINE where you can pay with cryptocurrency, thanks to our partnership with one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world — Whitepay!

Two main factors:

M1 Club Hotel - modernity in every detail

— M1 strives to provide guests with the best service, and Whitepay is a convenient payment method.

— M1, together with everyone, dreams of a developed, modern, progressive Ukraine, which is a full-fledged and important part of the European Community.

That is why the world of digital technologies is an important and conscious step for Ukrainian business. R1 Restaurant, where you will be pleased with author's dishes based on Mediterranean and Black Sea cuisines;

How it works?

You can choose the exchange, cryptocurrency and money transfer network that suits you and make the transfer.

Join our CryptoLifestyle!

Details can be found at:

P1 Prosecco Bar
R1 Restaurant
65014, Ukraine, m. Odesa
Leadersovsky boulevard, 1
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